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Karim Chaibi

  An outsider artist born in Tunis in 1963, Karim Chaibi was raised in a traditional Islamic milieu though

as a child he attended the French Jesuit school. A graduate of the Zitouna Islamic Theological Faculty, he taught himself to paint as an adult when he began to travel the world.

        Karim lived and worked in the United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, France and Belgium along

with his spouse and their three children. A storyteller as well as a painter, Karim combines his interest in

psychoanalysis with his love for the shapes and colors of the Mediterranean. The synthesis for which he

longs is a spiritual surrealism where the locked secrets of dreams are visually presented as the alphabet

of a decipherable language.

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Apples to Eden(Arabic with English Subtitles)

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Watch the Story of 

"Le minaret flottant"

n French

Listen to the Story of Sadeem Wa Adeem in Arabic


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