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      My book, “Soul of a harpist” is a project that I have had in mind for a while.  This book weaves dreams with threads of controversies and ties knots at the end of imaginary plots, offering at last a cloak of language that the present can barely don. My website gives a glimpse of how the book looked like when finally published with Petrus Press in Slovakia in the late summer of 2005.

     This project sheds light on my inner world where light itself is but a shadow. Thirteen dreams cursed by their number and cast off by their language may not appeal to your conscious mind, but my hope is that they find in your curiosity and in your unconscious a nest for their intrusive images.     

     I wove these stories with nothing in mind but the issues that I consider of utmost importance: texts, their elusive content, and creativity. What makes these stories so close to me and I hope empowers me to reach out to you is the language. By language I do not refer to the Latin alphabet, or any known alphabet as a matter of fact, that wraps its etymology around every word and forces inner meanings to cease once words are uttered. I am referring instead to the wealth of myths and to the work of creative minds behind sacred texts, a language we shape and share. This is a universal yet subterranean language that does not find reason fashionable nor logical constructions sturdy, but rather recognizes one rule and only one: do not fear your fears; create with them instead.

     “Soul of a Harpist” will finally give me the chance to read and to write too within the web of an unconscious spider. I will read it with the eyes of a stranger hoping to see the otherness that bears my name. So, if you have never conversed with a word over an unlined scroll, then this is your chance, reader, to reshape the world with your own words. My stories will mirror you; I’m sorry if I cannot be more explicit – for each of us, it’s hard to catch a stray word when the sea is in ourselves. Just name it, and that’s what I mean.

Click here to view the manuscript in PDF format Soul of a harpist

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The book is a beautiful hard-cover edition with full color illustrations.(190 pages and 17 illustrations)

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